Epoch Times Africa Reports — Italian Ambassador Killed in Congo While in UN Convoy

KINSHASA, Congo—The Italian ambassador to Congo and an Italian carabinieri police officer were killed on Feb. 22 during an attack on a U.N. convoy in an area that is home to myriad rebel groups, according to the Foreign Ministry and local people. The ambush on the World Food Program convoy that killed Ambassador Luca Attanasio and the officer occurred near Goma, Congo’s eastern regional capital in the territory of Nyrangongo, in North Kivu, Congolese civilians said. It’s the same area, known as the “three antennas,” where two Britons were kidnapped by unidentified armed men in 2018, said Mambo Kaway, president of a local civil society group in the Nyrangongo territory. “There were five people aboard the vehicle, including the Italian ambassador,” Kaway said. “The driver died after being shot with several bullets, and others were wounded. “The situation is very tense.” The wounded were taken to a nearby U.N. hospital. …Africa News | The Epoch TimesRead MoreAfrica, Europe, World, Italian, ambassador, killed, Congo, UN

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