Epoch Times Politics Reports — Committee Greenlights Consumer Protection Bill for House Amid GOP and US Chamber of Commerce Concerns

A House committee on Thursday voted in favor of a bill that would give the federal consumer protection agency more authority to seek monetary relief from companies on behalf of wronged consumers, with committee Republicans and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce voicing their opposition, arguing the legislation lacks guardrails and gives the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) too much power. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce “favorably reported” an amended version of HR 2668, or the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act, by a partisan vote of 30–22, with the bill now advancing to the House for a vote before potentially becoming law. While Democrats hailed the committee’s approval of the bill, with the committee chairman arguing in a statement (pdf) that the legislation is “urgently needed” to protect consumers and “ensure lawbreakers do not get to profit from fraud, scams, and other illegal conduct,” Republicans on the committee decried it as “a …Read MoreEpoch Times, United States politics | The Epoch Times

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